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Sources and methodology

This ELIXIR-GR Monitoring Dashboard is a single entry point to scientific products (publications-data-software-protocols-etc.) produced thanks to the activities and services of the Greek node of the ELIXIR infrastructure (ELIXIR-GR). The dashboard is built on top of the OpenAIRE Research Graph: an open scholarly graph of research products, linked to each other and to fundings, projects and organizations. The information used to build the graph is collected from the OpenAIRE network of content providers and is inferred by OpenAIRE algorithms. OpenAIRE algorithms are capable of detecting duplicates and mining information from the full-texts of Open Access publications. More information about the processes and workflows we apply to construct the OpenAIRE Research Graph can be found here on the OpenAIRE portal.

How do research products enter into the ELIXIR-GR monitoring dashboard?

The curatorsinstructed the OpenAIRE mining algorithms with dedicated criteria for the identification of publications, datasets, software, and tools of the ELIXIR-GR infrastructure. In particular:

  • The curators identified bio.tools as the main source and all products with the following features are included in the dashboard:
    • They have the ELIXIR-GR tag on bio.tools
    • They have been authored by known ELIXIR-GR researchers
  • The mining team developed a dedicated full-text mining algorithm to identify ELIXIR-GR publications. The full-text of Open Access publications is analysed and references to URLs of ELIXIR-GR services and software tools (e.g. Github links) are mined from the whole full-text, including References sections and footnotes
  • Anything that slips from the previous approaches can be manually added by authenticated users using the Link functionality of the gateway or the OpenAIRE BETA EXPLORE Portal. To know more about the Link functionality, check the guide here.
  • Finally, if an ELIXIR-GR result is supplemented byanother research product, then the latter is also added among the ELIXIR-GR products (e.g. an ELIXIR-GR publication is supplemented by a dataset, then the dataset is an ELIXIR-GR dataset). We call this procedure propagation.